ABERDEEN FOYER: Helping Young People Achieve Independence

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Title: ABERDEEN FOYER: Helping Young People Achieve Independence

Reference number: 6130

Date: 2002

Sponsor: Aberdeen Foyer

Production company: Peacock Visual Arts

Sound: sound

Original format: S-VHS

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.45 mins

Description: Aberdeen Foyer provides accommodation, support and training for young people who are homeless and requiring support with regard to gaining employment. This video explores the huge range of activities undertaken at the foyer, how the Foyer promotes itself, making money that is channelled back to the vital work it does, and lets those associated with the Foyer speak about their work.

See also ref. 6129

Credits: All young people need a home, support and a spring board into independent living, learning and work. Some don't have it. Aberdeen Foyer helps fill the gap. For Neil with love
Many thanks to Chris, Kandy & Keeley, Nicola, Mike, Neil, Kenny, Janice, Susan & Bill. All the staff & tenants at the Foyer. Mr. Ian Brown & Crew.
camera Mike, Neil, Kenny, Adam Proctor, Janice Curless
sd. Mike, Neil, Kenny, Bill Mearns, Mark McCracken, Adam Proctor, Janice Curless
ed. Adam Proctor
m. Fall Break by Aim
p. Adam Proctor, Peacock Visual Arts Ltd. for Aberdeen Foyer
To learn more about Aberdeen Foyer, and to find out how you can help why not give us a call on 01224 212924 or e-mail us at info@aberdeen-foyer.freeserve.co.uk

Shotlist: [shotlisted from control track, no timecode]

title (0.25) exts and ints Marywell Centre, Aberdeen (0.48) January 2002 Induction day for new tenants introductory speech to new tenants by Bill Mearns, Youth Work Co-ordinator (1.27) montage of gvs of the Foyer, commentary describes its main aims and its holistic approach (2.01) exts Trinity Court, commentary describes the provision of supported accommodation (2.07) ints accommodation at Trinity Court and Victoria Road in Torry (mention also made of plans to set up accommodation in Peterhead and Fraserburgh) (2.23) i/v Chris, an ex-tenant at Aberdeen Foyer who came at first with drug problem, talks about his accommodation (3.32) Bill Mearns continues speech, wants accommodation to be safe and secure (4.17) continued i/v Chris, explains interview procedure for the Foyer, intercut with him editing in-house magazine 'Climax' (6.02) Bill Mearns continues speech, intercut with gvs tenants enjoying sporting activities [b&w, fast editing etc] (6.56) Bill Mearns encourages tenents to move forward positively, achieve their action plan (7.29) [b&w] Ian Brown Dressing Room February 2002; Foyer staff arrange for tenants to meet Ian Brown back stage shots of Ian Brown and tenants in conversations, signing of autographs, reading Foyer Annual Report, brief shot Ian Brown performing live (9.11) i/v Ken Milroy, Director of Aberdeen Foyer talks about the supported accommodation and use of educational facilities (9.30) i/v Kandy and Keeley, tenants at Aberdeen Foyer who talk positively about their experiences, being able to talk to staff if they need support (10.13) continued i/v Chris, explaining the 'Lifeshaper Scheme' intercut with footage of people attending class forming part of scheme (designed for those with drink and drug problems giving mixture of supported activities and serious discussion) (11.35) i/v Alan Moat, Chairperson of Aberdeen Foyer who comments on funding (the Foyer raises money through various initiatives - examples to follow) (12.09) ints restaurant, i/v Kirsty Moncrieff Restaurant Manager (12.51) i/v Justin Cracknell, Senior Head Chef, intercut ints working kitchen (13.28) Private Viewing at Foyer Gallery ints artist Alan Walker, speaking about the success of the gallery and how it is nice to give something back to the community by exhibiting at the Foyer Gallery (14.51) i/v Laura Foyer at the Graphic Design Service, intercut with ints, and examples of work undertaken, work of New Deal placement student is discussed (16.31) continued i/v Alan Moat, who comments on how he is moved by the tenants stories and the benefit they get from the Foyer (17.13) gvs tenants (17.34) i/v Ken Milroy, who speaks about the community spirit and loyalty tenants keep towards the Foyer (18.20) talking head Chris, who comments positively on the Foyer experience and urges people to 'Go For It!'(19.07) ecs (20.40) brief shot boy toddler running to camera (20.45)