4th and 5th Seaforth Highlanders

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  • 1930s

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Title: 4th and 5th Seaforth Highlanders

Reference number: 5733

Date: 1936c

Director: [filmed by Patrick James Mitchell]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.10 mins

Description: General views of daily activities at the 4th and 5th Seaforth Highlanders annual camp.

Shotlist: flag 4/5 Battalion Seaforth Highlanders (0.02) [col] Under Command of Col. Murray M.C. T.D. (0.08) ms same (0.12) Second in Command Major Holdsworth (0.17) ms same (0.22) Reveille (0.24) gvs of tents and piper [Out of focus due to camera fault] (0.50) But it takes this to stir the troops (0.55) [B&W] gvs of sergeant poking his head into tent (1.03) Did you sleep well boys (1.06) gvs of boys stirring inside tent (1.16) gvs of camp and men getting washed and dressed; ms man lathering chin (1.56) Who said "C" Company's CSM did not wash? (2.00) shots at wash stand (2.14) gvs of cook house with tins and stoves (2.40) Breakfast time (2.43) piper plays; cooks ladle porridge into canisters (2.40) gvs of porridge and dishes being collected; ls man in chef hat; men take dishes of bacon? and run (4.26) ints of men eating (4.38) [B&W] This is as good as Mother's (4.42) gvs of breakfast table (4.49) ls men preparing kit, playing to camera (5.04) [col] ls kit inspection (5.10) "A" Company (5.13) gvs of soldiers in dress uniform kilts lined up for inspection (5.29) "C" Company (5.32) gvs of company being inspected (5.55) Going to Church (5.58) gvs of men lining up into file (6.27) "S" Company (6.30) gvs of men posing for group photograph (6.27) Capt. Adfont. J Hughes Hallet (6.48) ms same (6.52) [B&W] The always smiling Quartermaster Lieut. Williams (6.58) ms same outside tent (7.00) The man who works the typewriter. Mr Findlay. (7.07) [col] shot of Findlay (7.11) A braw lad (7.14) [b&w] soldier stands to attention (7.22) Officers Lines (7.24) pan around tents (7.50) Mechanical Transport Lines (7.53) pan along row of vehicles (8.03) Sports (8.05) gvs of long jump, tug of war and running (8.56) We did not know the RSM could run (8.59) gvs of men racing (9.06) Sentry Duty (9.09) [col] gvs of small boy with army cap an parading past tent (9.17) Mounting Guard (9.21) gvs of guard lined up (9.40) Playing the Retreat (9.43) gvs of pipes and drums marching past assembled troops (10.23) gvs of soldiers unravelling sheets of hemp? (10.41) [B&W] gvs of campsite (10.50) [col] brief shot soldier accepts slip of paper? from Col. Murray (10.52) Girls wouldn't you like to see your men dressed like this (10.57) [col] ls same man; ls drummer wearing bearskin cap in front of tent (11.07) Then get them to join the 4/5th Seaforths (11.10)