Club members loading film and shooting a scene for one of their productions. (clip)

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Reference number: 4543

Date: 1958*

Director: filmed by Mr R G Giuliani (Dec'd)

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 3.36 mins

Description: General views of the Aberdeen Cine Club discussing and shooting scenes for one of their productions.

Shotlist: Three men and a woman sitting talking. (0.11) Man sitting at a desk writing. Also on the desk is a large bag of chocolates and a box of fudge. (0.17) Gv's of various members of the club discussing a scene. (0.24) C/u on a bottle labeled VAT 69. (0.27) Woman operating the camera. (0.31) Gv's of the scenes being set up and discussed by various members of the club. Some are measuring distance between subject and camera, others are handling the props. (1.04) C/u of a man pouring some of the VAT 69 "whisky" into a woman's glass. C/u of licking her lips. (1.16) C/u of a man operating the camera. (1.21) Gv of the members of the club having a cup of tea. (1.28) Gv of a scene involving a man filling the empty drinking glasses of some guests. C/u of their faces. He then pours some into a glass for a man who is hiding under a table. There are c/u of the off screen production crew at work during filming, c/u of the cameraman. (2.07) Man changing the magazine of his camera under his jacket. (2.16) Gv of a scene where a man places a bag and a mixing bowl on a table. He takes different coloured blocks out of a bag and places then in the bowl, and adds some water. C/u of him dragging a paint brush over a sheet to reveal tartan paint. During the filming of the scene, the production crew can be seen working. C/u of the different angles of the cameraman, and of the men measuring distance and light of the subject prior to shooting. (3.36)