Pye Industrial Camera in Operation at The Dalzell Works of Colvilles Ltd, Scotland, the

How closed circuit television can help remote control operations in Colville’s Dalzell Works. (clip)

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Title: Pye Industrial Camera in Operation at The Dalzell Works of Colvilles Ltd, Scotland, the

Reference number: 4488

Date: 1950c

Production company: Pye Film Unit

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 2.00 mins

Description: Advertisment concerning the usefulness of using a Pye close-circuit TV camera system in industry. The camera is demonstrated to show that it can save time in difficult jobs, where the operator's field of vision is obscured.

Shotlist: Pye of Cambridge England Presents. Fade from black to an industrial scene of a man in a tower inside a factory. (0.02) The Pye Industrial Camera in Operation at The Dalzell Works of Colvilles Ltd, Scotland. (0.07) Pan around factory floor. Various pipes along a wall, a barrel, and some large blocks. (0.25) Man in a tower on the factory floor. (0.27) C/u on two rail tracks. One track is fixed to the factory floor, the other moves from side to side, the two tracks have to be aligned perfectly together. (0.35) C/u of man in tower. (0.38) One large block is placed on top of another large block by some sort of magnetic device. (0.44) Metal doorway raising to reveal two large blocks in what appears to be a furnace. (0.51) C/u of rail moving along cog wheels. (0.56) C/u of the two rails coming together, however they are not alined. (0.59) C/u of man in tower. (1.01) Man moves a switch on control panel. (1.03) Large blocks moving on rails. (1.08) C/u of Pye camera in protective casing. (1.12) Rail tracks loaded with trucks, are brought into perfect alignment. (1.22) Man turning his head to look at the TV screen. (1.24) Gv of the rail tracks in alignment on TV screen. (1.28) gv's of man working in tower. (1.30) Man operating control panel. (1.32) Spinning shaft. (1.33) Cog wheels turning. (1.35) Truck wheels moving along the two separate rail tracks. (1.45) C/u of Pye industrial TV camera. (1.49) TV screen. (1.50) Control panel. (1.53) A Pye Film Unit Presentation. (2.00)