FIBRE TO FABRIC: The Story of Aberdeen Flax

Slivers of flax fibre are spun into yarn and then spun on to bobbins. (clip)

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Title: FIBRE TO FABRIC: The Story of Aberdeen Flax

Reference number: 4268

Date: 1970c

Sponsor: Richards Ltd

Production company: Clansman

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.21 mins

Description: The story of Aberdeen Flax processed at Richards of Aberdeen Ltd. Each stage is described, from raw flax arriving at the warehouse, through to the cloth being sent out.

Shotlist: Credits (.24) gvs of load of flax being lifted by crane into top area of Broadford warehouse in Aberdeen (.59) gvs of woman splitting the flax into manageable pieces (1.17) gvs of flax pieces going through hackling machine (2.49) gvs of flax being pulled through drawing frame and spinning frame (4.33) gvs of cone winding department and cones going into boiling vat (6.57) gvs of warp winding department (8.10) gvs of strings on dressing machine (9.37) gvs of drawing department and weaving machines working (11.27) gvs of canvass and man checking it and it going through two more machines (12.20) gvs of finishing department (12.38) gvs of packs of cloth being driven away from warehouse on lorry (13.13) THE END (13.21)