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  • Home life
  • Animals


  • Amateur


  • MARSHALL, Frank M.


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 3803

Date: 1936

Director: [filmed by Frank Marshall]

Sound: silent

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 12.40 mins

Description: Film with children acting as servants and showing their typical lifestyle. A bedtime story about a magic wand becomes an adventure for the children when they find the wand and use it's powers!

Specially Commended by the Board of Amateur Cine World. Mr Frank Marshall began making amateur films in 1932, always using 16 mm.
Won first award (novice prize) in S.A.F.F

See paper archives 4/5/144.

Credits: Muriel Mary Marshall and James Nairn as Muriel the Mistress, Mary the cook, Marshall the Maid, James the Chauffeur, Nairn the Gardener

Shotlist: [Shotlisted at different speed - actual timing is 12.40 mins @ 18fps]

JUST ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER ! (0.3) Opening Credits. Intertitles introducing characters (0.42) Maid waving to gardener (0.55) House Bell System in Servants Quarters, Ringing for Room 1, making preparing tea (1.09) Maid taking tea into bedroom, 'lady' drinking tea and 'smoking cigarette' she then rings the bell for the maid to take tray away (1.41) Maid in Kitchen waving to gardener, maid and gardener talking in garden (1.56) Lady getting out of bed watching the maid and gardener (2.03) maid and gardener kiss (2.06) Lady watching from window and bangs on window (2.08) Maid then runs from garden (2.11) Lady putting make-up on and rings for maid again (2.35) maid arrives courtesy's and then leaves (2.41) Chauffeur washing car then getting into his car (3.10) lady combing her hair (3.13) Chauffeur pacing outside house (3.20) Lady getting ready to go out, she has lost her dog (3.45) Cook washing dishes, cat is in the kitchen she gives it milk (4.17) Lady enters kitchen and fills out Household Wants Indicator, Dog and cat in Kitchen about to fight (5.20) Lady gets into car and drives away (5.44) Cook cradling cat, she calls chauffeur into kitchen he kicks cat and then throws water over it (6.07) Shots of gardener smoking pipe (6.20) Maid and gardener hug in garden, gardener picks flowers for maid (7.15) they enter kitchen and have tea with the rest of the staff (7.54) lady comes into kitchen and gives the staff into trouble and dismisses them? (8.15) Chauffeur walks away (8.24) maid leaves house with case and is met by the gardener (8.40) Chauffeur vandalises the car (9.11) Cook leaves and is met by the chauffeur (9.35) Lady comes out to vandalised car and sits on the step with the cat and dog (9.42) THE END