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  • Edinburgh


  • Food and drink


  • Documentary
  • Amateur


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 3695

Date: 1970

Director: filmed by Mr J W Grant Dec'd.

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.23 mins

Description: The process of making Crabbie's Green Ginger Wine, from fermentation and flavouring to packaging the finished blend.

Archives relating to John Crabbie and Company Limited are held by the National Archives of Scotland (ref. (BT2/2816)

Credits: Ten Best Movie Maker Competition 1970 [Amateur Cine World competition?]

Shotlist: Focus Check. Ten Best Movie Maker Competition. 1970. A J L Production. GREEN GINGER. Made at John Crabbie & Co Ltd, Leith, Edinburgh. We acknowledge the helpful & full co-operation of the entire staff. (0.36) Factory ext. with CRABBIE'S GREEN GINGER in white letters. Lorry driving turning in to the factory road. Ext of building with Crabbie's 8 & 12 year old scotch whiskies in white letters beside a green sign doorway for John Crabbie & Co. Busy road outside the building. (1.08) Brick tunnel way. Gv's of ext. of building. (1.26) Piles of boxes of Valencia raisins. Man opening a box of raisins and emptying it. Men flatten out the large pile of raisins and water fills the tank they are contained in. (2.51) Liquid [must] is drained from the tank. (2.55) After soaking the raisins are passed through a mill; these broken raisins are re-steeped in the same tank (3.45) shots of pump and pipes carrying the liquid to fermenting vessels (4.14) Men checking the vats of liquid; testing wine samples. (5.24) Liquid transferred to large wooden vats; gvs tanks (6.41) shots of workman entering vat to clean it (7.15) C/u on boxes of San Guttadauro lemons. Lemons peeled, seeded, and squashed by separate machinery; shot of lemon peel in wine vat (8.35) Men moving a barrel of "ginger compound spirit"; c/u ginger root (9.03) Gv's of the machinery. Sugar is added to the liquid. Gv's wine being churned by large propellors; man adding diatomaceous earth to wine (11.11) shot table with samples of wine, demonstrating Before [brown] and After filtration [green]; Filter Powder (11.16) ms men cleaning brown residue from filters. (11.46) Gv's of machinery. production line floor for the bottling and labelling of the finished product. Bottles moving along the conveyor belt. (13.12) Filled with liquid and capped. Bottles are labelled and packed into boxes. Boxes are automatically sealed. (15.21) Stacked boxes are moved by forklift truck to an alley outside the warehouse. (16.05) ints. Glasses are filled with Crabbie's Green Ginger Wine. The End. (16.23)