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  • Dumfriesshire
  • Dunbartonshire
  • Glasgow


  • Sporting activities


  • Documentary
  • Amateur


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 3463

Date: 1972

Director: filmed by Tom Clarke

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.15 mins

Description: Mike Jackson, footballer, training with Queen of the South and Clydebank football clubs.

Tom Clarke at time of making film was Assistant Director of Scottish Film Council, Mike Jackson was manager of Scottish Central Film Library and Tom Torrance was head of SCFL Rewind section. Bob Christie was BBC Announcer.
Film entered in Amateur section of Cannes Film Festival 1973 and Scottish Amateur Film Festival

Credits: w. Laurence Russell
sd. Jim Cuthbert
ed. ass. Tom Torrance
nar. Bob Christie and Laurence Russell

Shotlist: Mike Jackson sets off from home for work. (0.29) Gv's Celtic football team during match.(0.53) Jackson in his office at the Scottish Central Film Library, leaves premises at 16 Woodside Terrace Glasgow. (1.17) Crowds entering football ground under credits (2.08) Jackson reads telegram inviting him to join Queen of the South football club. Gv's Jackson training in gym. On train to Dumfries. (3.49) Arrives Palmerston Park football ground (4.14) Training in his garden and in neighbour's garage. (5.25) In pub in Dumfries surrounded by 'knowledgable' fans (6.46) Montage sequence on recent history of Queen of the South. Shots new stadium (empty) and with fans on terraces.(8.23) Players dressing room before match. shots match [v/o on the different atmosphere between first and second divivison clubs] (11.51) Jackson at home in Glasgow received telegram offering job at Clydebank FC(1.22) Clydebank team training (13.00) Jackson in gym at ball practice (14.00) ec's (14.15).