A day in the life of a school forestry camp. Boys carry an urn through the campsite to breakfast on porridge with their hungry friends - then to work - picking up saws and axes before trudging out to the forest. (clip)

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  • Education
  • Food and drink
  • Tourism and travel


  • Documentary
  • Amateur


  • Scottish Amateur Film Festival (SAFF)
  • Scottish Educational Film Association (SEFA)


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 3247

Date: 1940

Director: filmed by SEFA (Glasgow Group)

Production company: SEFA (Glasgow Group)

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.58 mins

Description: A day in the life of a school forestry camp.

Entered in the Scottish Amateur Film Festival, 1941. Non-winner.

Credits: p. Donald C. Fleck, D.A.

Shotlist: YOUTH TAKES A BOUGH ! Glimpses of Life and Work in a School Forestry Camp "Somewhere in Scotland" -Summer, 1940 (0.11) credits (0.16) shot of tents in forestry (0.20) 6.30 a.m.- 8.30 a.m. Morning Manoeuvres man getting out of tent, lighting fire (0.54) two boys carrying an urn (1.08) Fire and stove smoking, porridge being served (1.30) Sitting around table having breakfast (1.40) And so to work... (1.43) Boys collecting tools and heading off to work, shots of countryside (2.48) The first task - BURNING (2.52) Boy setting a pile of branches alight, shots of smoke from fire (3.13) FELLING begins - Clearing low branches (3.19) Boys with axes chopping the low branches (3.38) "LAYING" the tree- Boy chops away at the base of a tree trunk (4.01) SAWING (4.03) Two boys sawing tree trunk (4.19) TIMBER (4.20) Tree falls to ground (4.23) "SNEDDING" - removing the branches (4.28) Boy chopping the branches off (4.41) Burning continues until midday.... (4.45) shots of burning taking place (5.17)HAULING (5.20) chains being tied around the timber and attached to a harness on a horse who then pulls it along (5.39) Making, grading, and stacking pit-props.. (5.45) timber being sawn to different lengths and then stacked (6.15) Budding Backwoodsmen (6.18) shots of all the processes gone before, felling, laying etc. (6.47) NOON. A new activity begins (6.52) man stoking fire (7.02) And at 12.30... (7.06) man blowing whistle, everyone stops what they are doing and assemble around a steaming pot, lunch is handed out and eaten (8.38) Siesta (8.40) the workers lying on the ground sleeping (8.59) Blow! that whistle!! (9.02) Whistle is blown and workers wake up (9.08) AFTERNOON "Business as usual" (9.13) Shots of the various stages in forestry (10.02) New fires for old! (10.06)shots of old fires being raked and a new stacks being made, hauling taking place (10.54) 4.30 p.m. "Let's call it a day" (10.59) workers finishing work (11.40) Cleanliness is next... (11.43) workers washing in river and small waterfall (12.32) DINNER (12.35) ladies preparing and serving dinner, workers eating dinner (13.24) "CANTEEN!" workers queue at tent to receive their supply of juice (13.51) The rest of the day's their own.... (13.56) boys working (14.00) Sorry! my mistake (14.03) fooling around in the river, playing chess, singing around the fire, shot of night sky (14.41) And so to bed.. (14.43) man closing tent over and going inside (14.54) THE END (14.58)