The ‘Sea Horse’ negotiates a canal lock and a bridge as it passes through Temple in Glasgow on the Forth and Clyde Canal. (clip)

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Reference number: 3207

Date: 1962

Director: [ph. Mario Ford]

Sound: mute

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.05 mins

Description: Visuals of police divers at work in the Clyde-Forth canal and of a boat, the "Sea Horse" passing through canal lock gates, showing the operation of locks and bridges along the canal.

Shotlist: shots of City of Glasgow Police divers at work in the canal, alongside a rowing boat; shots of small crowd watching (1.18) divers preparing to enter canal, intercut with open lock; shot of police Morris van (2.46) shot of the vessel the 'Sea Horse' at the canal lock; lock keeper opens the gate; (3.47) the vessel passes through (4.23) shots Sea horse passing another lock; shot two men operating lock (6.23) Sea Horse passes under a large swing bridge, operated from a tower (7.22) crew of the Sea Horse open a hand operated footbridge, boat continues down canal; crew close and secure footbridge (8.15) shots of man operating lock using levers, intercut with shots of water rushing through gates, and equalising; Sea Horse enters and is lowered (11.05)