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  • East Lothian
  • Edinburgh


  • Food and drink
  • Water and waterways


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored
  • Promotional


  • COOPER, Henry
  • HARPER, Alan James
  • Campbell Harper Productions
  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 2913

Date: 1963

Director: d. Henry Cooper

Sponsor: Films of Scotland

Production company: Campbell Harper Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.06 mins

Description: The county of East Lothian, in particular the town of North Berwick and its links with Robert Louis Stevenson. Includes shot of Berwick Law and group of Boy Scouts in kilts climbing it.

Credits: comm.w. Robert Kemp
comm.s. Michael Elder
ph. Brian Easton, Ian Kennedy
p. Alan Harper

Shotlist: aerials and gvs the Bass Rock showing its lighthouse and seabirds on its cliffs (.45) shot of lighthouse-keeper outside lighthouse waiting for mail vessel from North Berwick with shot of mail vessel and the lighthouse-keeper meeting boat at landing point with shot of mail and supplies being offloaded (1.40) shots of ruins of prison on Bass Rock where Covenanters were held (1.50) gvs Tantallon Castle (2.34) shot of open-topped sports car full of adults and children (2.49) pan of ext. of church and graveyard in North Berwick and ext. of building [unidentified] (3.06) shots of streets of North Berwick with pedestrians, buses (3.28) shot of passengers disembarking from diesel train at N. Berwick station with one train marked "Corstorphine" (3.35) shot of same sports car in street of North Berwick and shots of pedestrians strolling on pavements in sun (including ext. of "The Oak Cafe") (4.03) shots of families on beach with children building sandcastles, family picnics, paddling (4.50) shots of people eating ices, having their photos taken and sunbathing in deckchairs (5.04) shots of a beauty competition at N. Berwick outdoor swimming pool (5.29) trampolining at pool (5.38) swimming gala (5.56) comedy act in pool with inflatable "monster" (6.12) shot of Dave Willis standing laughing beside billboard for his show (6.20) shot of crowds leaving gala and going up street (6.30) int. shop with c/u postcards (6.40) shots of golfers on N. Berwick course and of last green during Scottish Boys Championship (7.05) c/u stills of golfing scenes (7.41) c/u of golf club head being hand forged at an anvil and the 'balancing' of a newly made club (8.13) people on pier with young boys fishing (8.30) lobster fisherman making a creel (8.42) people preparing dinghies at East Lothian Yacht Club and gvs regatta (9.42) shot of Berwick Law and of group of boy scouts in kilts climbing it (10.00) shot of jawbone of whale on summit (10.11) views from summit and shot of scouts reaching summit (10.23) c/u of gun (a mini cannon) going off for regatta (10.30) brief shots of holidaymakers at various leisure pursuits with Bass Rock in background (10.42) party from sports car getting out for boat trip (11.00) people waiting to take Bass Rock Cruise and going on board the "St. Nicholas" pleasure launch and pan of more queues, taken from launch and shot of the launch leaving harbour (11.51) shot of launch approaching Bass Rock (12.15) l/s and c/u of seabirds on cliffs and flying above Rock - gannets, kittiwakes, puffins and shags (14.40) ecs (15.06)