A simulation of a children’s panel meeting - young John’s behaviour has his mother at her wits’ end. (clip)

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  • 1970s

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Reference number: 2776

Date: 1971c

Director: d. Chris Haws

Production company: pc. Aberdeen University Television Service

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.31 mins

Description: A training film which aims to show the work of a Children's Panel. Members of the panel act out a simulated situation, involving a teenage boy. Possibly based on a real case involving a teenage boy.

Credits: p. Philip Seed
cast Mr W. Knight, Mrs Maclean & Mrs Milnes, Panel; Mr Pearson, reporter; Mr Gordon, Father; Mr A. Robb, Social worker; Michael Gordon, Son; Mrs Gordon, Mother

Shotlist: ints. Children's panel, seated in circle around a low table; the mother briefly describes the boy's behaviour; the Chair asks for Mr Robb's opinion on his positive aspects, c/u Mr Robb mentions his good attendance at school and his opinion about the roots of the problem (2.32) The Chair asks John about his hitting his mother and sister; other members of the panel question the boy, who says he does not hit his friends (3.14) Johns' father speaks about removing John from the home; a panel member cautions "Mrs Fraser, this is a very big step" (4.06) Chair asks the Frasers about their daughter's relationship with John; John is asked about his hobbies, and whether he knows any girls (5.06) Chairman raises the charge of breaking a table at the Community Centre; panellist brings up "Trawler School" (?); his mother speaks about trying to stop him going to sea; they continue to talk about his difficulty holding down a job, and how his mother copes (7.35) Chair asks Mr Robb about the situation; the parents had complain that their son, already on probation, should be removed from the home; Mr Robb describes a deterioration in John's behaviour, and Johns' expectation that he will be sent to Borstal in any case (8.05) John is asked for his opinion about being removed; his father suggests that it would be in John's interests; Chairman suggests that a psychiatric examination may be necessary; John says "Do you think I'm daft or something?"; his parents agree to assessment in principle (12.19) Mr Robb says that John has no respect for his parents, and mixes "with the rougher element in the area" (13.39) one member of the panel suggests a short residential stay with assessment, and the possibility of going to an "Approved School"; the panel and John's parents agree to this course of action; a vacancy at "Craigielea" is suggested for John (15.49) Chair concludes the film (16.08) ecs (17.31)