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  • Fife


  • Education


  • Amateur


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 2680

Date: 1978

Director: [filmed by R.D. Fraser]

Sponsor: [ Dumfries Academy]

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8 mins,c

Description: One of a series of films made about life in Dumfries Academy 1955-1978. This film was shot in the academic year 1977-1978 and as well as the scenes of daily school life, it includes footage of the flooding of the river Nith on 31st October 1977. [See also refs. 2678 and 2679].

Shotlist: A Day in the life of Dumfries Academy (0.21) exts. Dumfries Academy buildings (0.44) gvs arrival of pupils (1.19) ints. class taking out books from their desks; c/u timetable and girl (1.36) ints. pupils walking to classes [notice board in b/ground advertises dances] (2.01) ints. children at desks; c/u jotter and geography textbook (2.28) Assembly, pupils play to camera (3.09) ints. the "tuck shop", selling Salt'n Shake crisps. creme eggs, marathons and "sports" bars (3.55) c/u "Academy News", headlined: Parent Power??; c/u cartoons in newsletter (4.05) line of girls buy copies; ms teacher counts change (4.27) pupils walking down staircase (5.00) ms Chemistry class; boy adds clear liquids to three beakers, which change colour to an opaque brown after a pause; shots of the ammonia fountain experiment [not under a fume hood]; c/u label stuck to girl's lab coat lapel: "I'm ME" (6.32) ints. pupils packing up (6.50) exts. pupils leave school. (7.50) The End (7.56) 31st Oct. 1977 Dumfries's Worst Floods for 40 years (8.04) Elevated shots of flooded playing fields (8.31) pan over flooded Nith; c/u water passing under bridges (9.21) ls two men in inflatable dinghy in main street; further shots of flooded Nith running up to houses; man wading down street, water up to his waist (10.22) elevated shot of flooded playing fields (10.41) The End (10.51) ls boys in school uniform climb into minibus, which leaves (11.15) Shots of parts of the game. (12.09) pan over young people cheering on the team, waving "Viva Academy" banner (12.16) further gvs match (13.19) blank (13.24) Preparations for Drama production, "The Servant of Twa Maisters"; c/u girl at sewing machine; dress being fitted (13.53) boys working with a light on the stage; pupils painting the backdrop (14.20) ms boy being painted with "old" makeup by man; c/u finished face (15.01) cast in costume and staff (15.31)