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  • Perth and Perthshire


  • Ceremonies
  • Construction and engineering


  • Local topical


  • NAIRN, James S.


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 2609

Date: 1960

Director: filmed by James S. Nairn

Sound: mute

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.06 mins

Description: The opening ceremony of the new Queen's Bridge, Perth, by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 10th October, 1960.

Found under rewind bench at the Playhouse Cinema, Perth by Forbes Castell, CAC's Technical Supervisor.
Film made by James S Nairn whilst he was manager of the Playhouse, Inverness.

Shotlist: Credits (.15) panning shot (r. to l.) of river Tay round to the city of Perth (.45) c/u banks of river by the old Queen's bridge (1.02) shot of two men sitting at a small table looking at a brooch in a presentation box (1.08) c/u of brooch (1.26) shot of crowds lining street behind barriers (1.33) shot of Lord High Constables standing outside City Chambers (1.40) shots of crowds lining streets with children waving Union Jacks (2.04) shot of Lord Provost and dignitaries outside City Chambers (2.16) c/u "Welcome to Perth" sign (2.21) c/u top of Royal car with royal insignia on top (2.28) shot of crowd lined streets and Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arriving, stepping out from car and shaking hands with dignitaries (2.58) shot of Queen walking to the podium (3.08) gvs watching crowds and soldiers standing to attention (3.26) shot of cameramen taking shots of Queen standing on podium (3.32) shot of the Queen inspecting the ranks of soldiers (3.52) shot of watching crowds (3.57) l/s Queen walking from Inspection and talking to dignitaries (4.10) Queen entering City Chambers (4.21) ext. Station Hotel entrance (4.28) dignitaries at entrance to hotel (4.37) shots of crowds lining street (4.55) c/u Royal Insignia on top of royal car (5.00) Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arrive by car and enter hotel (5.11) shot of river and new bridge (5.23) shot of crowd lining street by river and of buildings decorated in bunting, a brass band playing (6.27) brief shot dignitaries (6.34) Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arrive by car for ceremony (6.52) the Lord Provost giving speech (7.04) shot of the Queen cutting the ribbon (7.32) shots of onlookers and photographers &7.42) shot of Duke of Edinburgh and Queen talking to guests and Lord Provost (8.12) c/u commemorative plaque (8.36) shot of Queen walking away from plaque and being given a commemorative brooch (8.50) c/u brooch (9.05) Queen and Duke talk to boy who presented brooch to Queen (9.25) schoolgirl presents a gift to Duke and he chats to her (9.51) shot of pipe band marching past Queen and Duke on Queen's Bridge (10.31) shot of crowds lining street (10.47) Queen and Duke shake hands with dignitaries before departing in royal car (11.08) royal car drives off and Queen and Duke wave to crowds (11.27) gvs crowds dispersing (11.58) The End (12.06)