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  • Dunbartonshire
  • Glasgow
  • West Lothian


  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Transport


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored
  • Promotional


  • Films of Scotland Committee
  • IFA Scotland


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 2219

Date: 1969

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and Livingston Development Corporation

Production company: IFA (Scotland) Ltd.

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20 mins

Description: Made to promote Livingston New Town, its housing, industries and schools.

Paper archives file

Credits: comm.w. Charles Gormley

Shotlist: Panoramic views over Glasgow (.23) traffic (.29) buildings being demolished (.40) street scene Glasgow (.48) various shots of construction sites (1.04) people walking about in a back court (1.15) remains of coal and shale excavations (1.48) street scenes of unidentified town (2.10) map of Scottish Central Lowlands (2.34) the waters of the River Almond (2.53) film title (3.05) views of a cornfield (3.26) on a country roadside, town planners and members of Livingston Development Corporation (3.54) ext. shot of row of houses in Livingston village. The post master leaves his house (4.02) pan ext. Livingston Inn (4.24) pan shot of Old Livingston Parish Kirk and graveyard (4.42) ext. old Livingston school (4.51) pan shot of trees and snow covered fields (5.13) pan shot same scene in summer (5.38) pan ext. Livingston Corporation headquarters (5.51) people entering the latter (6.00) ints Livingston Corporation headquarters (6.22) shots of a country road and a field bordered by trees (6.30) int. Livingston Corporation HQ (6.43) cows walking down a muddy road (6.50) tracking shot of a narrow garden filled with roses (7.05) pan shot River Almond (7.13) plans of Livingston new town (8.12) a view over the valley of the Almond (8.41) topsoil is lifted off excavation and construction work (11.00) view of the River almond (11.10) construction work (11.31) view over Loch Lomond (11.48) pan from Old Livingston houses to l/s of new houses on a hill (12.02) shots of models of new housing (12.42) men at work building houses (13.45) more shots of houses and streets (14.14) shots of the Cameron Iron works being built (14.37) possibly l/s of completed iron works (14.45) scenes outside a close (probably Glasgow) as furniture is lifted into a removal van and a family prepare to drive off to a new home (15.14) child slides down a chute (13.19) mother pushing prams in streets of new town (15.32) int. shot family enter new home (15.42) carpets are brought into a new house in Livingston (16.00) pan shot of underpass and footpass (16.10) a delivery is brought into a grocer's shop; a woman posts a letter; a mother and child enter a doctors surgery (16.28) young children play in a school gym (16.41) a column of children walk through the corridors of a school (17.22) children return home from school through the streets of Livingston (17.45) a woman hangs washing in her garden while a baby plays in its walking chair (18.02) int. shot; a group of women meet with a Social Relations Officer (18.34) a field with trees (18.41) l/s of Hopetoun House (18.52) int. of Hopetoun House, a woman being photographed; c/u of model railway and a shot of the people operating it; a children's party (19.47) shots of large model showing how the completed new town will look (20.27) ecs (20.54)