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  • Highlands, the
  • Invernesshire
  • Outer Hebrides


  • Arts and crafts
  • Fish and fishing
  • Food and drink
  • Ships and shipping
  • Tourism and travel
  • Transport
  • Water and waterways
  • Agriculture


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored
  • Promotional


  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 2202

Date: 1960

Director: d. David Paltenghi

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the National Commercial Bank of Scotland

Production company: Anglo Scottish Pictures Limited

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.35 mins

Description: The travelling bank in Lochaber and the island of Lewis.

See also version at ref. 1096 THE WAY THE MONEY GOES

Paper archive file held.

Credits: Scotsman Russell Waters Englishman Jack Allen
special arrangement of the Scottish airs by Tim Wright and his Orchestra
ph. Bernard Davies
ed. Ron Brown

Shotlist: [Shotlisted at different speed. Actual timing is 12.35 mins @ 25 fps]

Credits (.27) fishing platforms at foot of Loch Shiel (1.00) shots of Jacobite monument at Glenfinnan (1.15) Commando monument at Spean Bridge (1.37) Trawler VIC66 on Caledonian Canal (1.56) Great Glen cattle ranch (2.08) Cattle sale near Fort William (2.24) foresters working at Glen Righ forest (2.36) the waters of Lochy meet the waters of the River Spey (2.51) National Bank of Scotland travelling bank crosses on the Corran ferry (3.11) Highland scenery near Fort William. Two men talking in bus shelter (3.57) general shots of Stornoway (4.09) fishing boats in Stornoway harbour unloading their catch (4.25) shots of pub and butcher's shop (4.40) Lewis landscapes (4.50) various houses around Lewis (5.10) woman using spinning wheel (5.23) men talking in bus shelter (5.33) Lewis landscape (5.49) man fishing in river, he drops his wallet in the water (6.51) local bus delivers parcel to crofter (7.02) fisherman stops a travelling bank (7.28) men in bus shelter (7.43) travelling bank on the road (7.47) Crofter loads Harris tweed onto lorry and receives payment for it through the travelling bank (8.23) people queuing at the travelling bank (8.30) bank on the road (8.37) crofters digging and stacking peat (9.20) shots of arable land (9.31) locals wait at roadside for the travelling bank. int. shots (10.05) standing stones at Callanish (11.18) men at bus shelter (11.49) Highland scenery (12.03) ecs (12.18)