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  • MacLEAN, William J. 'Mac'


  • 1950s

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Title: ST. KILDA

Reference number: 1896

Date: 1957

Sponsor: National Trust for Scotland

Production company: Film Unit, Edinburgh University

Sound: mute

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22.23 mins

Description: A depiction of St. Kilda after it's evacuation, showing the remains of the village buildings, the naval encampment and the animal and bird life on the island.

See also ref 0911

Credits: A Property of the National Trust for Scotland
ph. Chris Mylne
ed. W J MacLean
technical facilities by the Animal Genetics Department Film Unit, Edinburgh University

Shotlist: Credits (0.20); Shots of field mouse (?) in grass (0.44); Map of Western Seaboard of Scotland (0.52); Approach by sea, shots of islands ahead. View of stacs and seabirds wheeling around cliffs (2.35); Remains of village buildings (3.34); Film of remaining ruins, close-ups of doorways, etc. Shots of schoolhouse and pier (3.55); Sheep pens and long shot of village. Cemetery (4.28); Map (4.50); Small boat ferries passengers ashore. Shots as it approaches and docks at pier (5.36); General views of village and naval encampment, mission huts, etc. Several shots of camp and naval activities (6.13); Landing craft on beach. Vehicles on newly-built, unsurfaced road (7.18); High shot of schoolhouse. General views of ruins, cleets, sheep pens (11.59); Various shots of camp and seagulls flocking to pier for scraps thrown into water (12.48); Mouse in grass (13.01); Canvas camp with ruins of Main Street alongside (13.49); Shots of camp turned to mud. Construction site (14.45); General views of landscape, coastal scenery, cliffs, puffins, and other birds (17.27); Seal in water, rocks at foot of cliffs (18.49); Clifftops, birds (21.25); High shots of coastal scenery with long shot down to camp, bay and village (22.20); The End (22.23)