An island family on Fair Isle - Fair Isle's first baby girl for 21 years is shown off to camera. Children playing in the garden, followed by men building a haystack. (clip)

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  • Shetland Islands


  • Amateur


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 1617

Date: 1934 - 1955

Director: [filmed by Theo Kay]

Sound: silent

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8.50 mins

Description: An island family on Fair Isle - Fair Isle's first baby girl for 21 years; the family and friends building a haystack and gathering in the sheep.

Amateur film made by donor's father, Mr Theo Kay, friend of Jenny Gilbertson who was prompted by her experiences to take up filming himself. Mostly shot on Fair Isle.

See also ref. 1618 for film of Fair Isle.

Shotlist: No credits. [B/W *1934] Shots of island family in field making stooks of hay (.20); [Col. *1950] Yacht "Soldian" at anchor. Shots of cliffs (1.00); General views of houses, villages and landscape, probably on Fair Isle. An island family. Fair Isle's first baby girl for 21 years. Shot of the family with baby at door of croft. Children play in yard (1.40); Building a haystack. Shots of family and friends building haystack (2.10); Caain the sheep. The sheep are gathered in from the pastures and put through sheep dip. Shot of yawls (small dinghies) drawn up on beach (3.20); The "Good Shepherd" leaves for Shetland. Shots of the mail boat putting out to sea (3.50); [B/W] Grey seals at Vee Skerries. Swimming under water. Shots of same (4.13); Newly born. Seal pups on rocks (4.40) Canman seals at Mousa. Shots of seals on rocks and in water (4.54); [Col. *1951] Seals playing in shallow waters (5.30); [B/W] General views of seals (6.00); Showing off. Shots of crew on board yacht. (6.26); [Col. *1955] Shot of lighthouse. General views of a small island community, houses, sheltered bay, etc. (8.50)