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  • Renfrewshire


  • Arts and crafts
  • Construction and engineering
  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Media, communication and the creative industries
  • Architecture and buildings


  • Sponsored


  • Home and away


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 1522

Date: 1957c

Director: d. Peter Ward

Sponsor: Babcock and Wilcox (Steam) Ltd.

Production company: Technical and Scientific Films in assoc. with the Film Producers Guild

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.07 mins

Description: One of a series of 20 films made for Babcock and Wilcox (Steam) Ltd. between 1954 and 1961. The film includes shots of Babcock and Wilcox boilers being installed in the Kodak factory, Essex. Refs. 1517-1528.
[See also refs. 1517, 1518, 1519, 1520, 1521, 1525, 1526, 1527, 1528].

HOME AND AWAY series made for Babcock and Wilcox (Steam) Ltd. and distributed to local cinemas and community groups in the Paisley and Renfrew areas.

Credits: p. Cyril Randell
ed. Robert Morgan

Shotlist: Censor's certificate (0.07); Credits (0.32); A film review of people and events, work and play, for members and friends of the Babcock and Wilcox family. Calling all lorries. Broken down Babcock and Wilcox lorry on country road. Driver summons help by VHF radio (1.04); Renfrew works transport officer receives call (1.19); Breakdown van prepares to leave (1.30); Scale model Renfrew works (1.40); Shots of works vehicles outside foundries. Transport officer takes details of transport requirements and contacts driver of vehicle by VHF radio. Shot lorry en route (2.53); Right in the picture. Shots inside photographer's studio (3.20); Shots of Babcock and Wilcox accounts department. Employee uses microfile viewer (3.59); Camera for photographing plans and drawings (4.27); X-ray equipment in use at works' medical centre (4.59); Shots of welding being x-rayed and results being examined (5.38); Shots inside Kodak factory, Essex. Rolls of X-ray film being packaged (6.02); Babcock and Wilcox boilers being installed in the Kodak factory (6.24); Control unit (6.36); Shots Kodak film manufacturing process (7.03); Man takes photo of a dog (7.11); Pretty and plane. Willie Shannon, draughtsman at Babcock and Wilcox, shows girl how to embroider (7.55); Shots of Willie creating needlework designs, tracing onto fabric and embroidering designs (8.38); Babcock and Wilcox employee, disabled in one arm, designs model aeroplane kits from pictures. Shots of assembly of aircraft (9.51); Renfrew runways. Shots of British European Airways plane landing at Renfrew Airport. Shots of aircraft control tower, ground staff (10.59); Passengers disembark. Shots of airport lounge and check-in desk. Crew is briefed for return flight. Aircraft is prepared for take-off, passengers embark, control tower, plane takes off (13.59); ecs (14.07)