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  • Aberdeenshire
  • Aberdeen


  • Fish and fishing
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored


  • Films of Scotland Committee
  • Ogam Films / Oscar Marzaroli
  • Templar Films


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 1501

Date: 1963

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the County Council of Aberdeen

Production company: Templar Films

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20 mins

Description: A description of the life of the fishing and farming communities in Aberdeenshire.

Production file held.

Credits: exec. p. R. Riddell Black
camera Gordon Coull, Edward McConnell
action editor Michael Pavett
sd. rec. James McKie
comp. John Geddes
cond. Eoin Hamilton
special effects Symphonia Limited
comm. w. George Bruce
comm. s. Lord Boothby KBE
treatment John R. Allan

Shotlist: No opening credits. gvs skiers (.21) group of people pony-trekking (.52) shots of golfers, fly fishermen and rock climbers (1.48) sea scenes with title superimposed. Shots of countryside (4.20) c/u man digging and checking soil (4.50) gvs laboratories of Aberdeen's Soil Research Institute (5.22) general shots of fields (6.25) c/u two farmers checking the barley in a field (6.49) general shots of combine harvester at work (7.00) c/u Aberdeen Angus cattle (7.15) wide shot of field (7.38) general views of technicians and students at work in a lab. (8.04) general shot of cattle (8.30) shot of fishing boats heading out to sea (8.45) general shots from fishing boat and fishermen at work on boat (11.00) c/u instruments (11.15) night shot of fishermen at work (12.20) fishing boat arriving at harbour, possibly Aberdeen (12.45) fish is unloaded from boats (13.05) c/u of men loading fish into barrels (13.16) fishwives checking and gutting fish (13.36) c/u of fish being dyed and smoked (14.25) shot of a woollen jumper being pressed (14.44) gvs engineers working with precision machines (14.45) gvs of people watching a flute band (16.41) gvs children at play (16.58) general shots of villages and towns in north-east of Scotland, with shots of children playing football in street and crossing at a zebra crossing (17.42) schoolchildren entering a school (17.51) ext. King's College, Aberdeen (18.10) c/u tree and panning shot of trees (19.10) general shots of a river with ecs superimposed (20.00)