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  • Renfrewshire


  • Arts and crafts
  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Transport


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored


  • LOW, David
  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 1480

Date: 1963

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the Rootes Group

Producer: David Welsh

Production company: Glasgow Films

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23.32 mins

Description: The development and production of the Hillman Imp car at the Linwood industrial plant. See also ref. 0085 THE ROOTES GROUP.

Credits: the girl Elizabeth Yuill; the boy Bill Simpson
comm. s. Bryden Murdoch
m. Anthony Hedges
effects sequence Muriel Cuthbertson
sc. and comm. w. Cliff Hanley
cameramen Robert Anderson, David Low, Edward McConnell
ass. cameraman Alex Henderson
technical adviser Graham Ashby
p. man. Johnston Douglas
p. David Welsh

Shotlist: REEL 1
No credits. Title superimposed over shot of unidentified castle and car park (.13) c/u of young couple in car park. Shots of them driving away in a new Hillman Imp (.57) shots of the Hillman Imp travelling along country roads on west coast of Scotland (1.44) shots of 1903 Arrol-Johnston motor car on a country road. c/u of car (2.35) c/u of Clydesdale horses (2.50) shot of steamship "Comet" steaming up the Clyde (3.16) shot of steam locomotive "Fort William" pulling carriages with full head of steam (3.28) gvs inside steel works including the manufacture of steel plates, chains, and wire rope (3.44) c/u of riveters at work (3.48) launch of the liner "Simandou". Panning shot of cranes along the River Clyde (3.58) shots of hydrofoil (?) on Clyde (4.13) shot of scale model of a new Rootes car at Linwood. Lord Rootes and others inspect the model (4.24) shots of construction work on virgin site at Linwood. Ints. of factory during construction. Aerial shot of factory (5.08)

No credits. Animated sequence of car shapes, etc. (1.29) gvs of modellers at work on scale model of the Hillman Imp car (1.59) shots of the Hillman Imp (2.17) gvs in the drawing office (2.48) c/u of parts being tested (3.27) gvs of the car being driven on a test track and skid pan (4.55) shots of the car being driven through roads in France, Italy, Germany, Africa and the Arctic Circle (7.13)

No credits. Various shots of computer controllers at work (.31) tracking shot of steel passing through a guillotine (.57) shots of steel being shaped by a machine press. Tracking shots and c/u of men fitting and welding sections of the car (2.3) gvs of conveyor carrying the cars to the paint shop (3.00) painted car bodies heading for the production line (3.14) c/u of aluminium press for engine housings and shots of women checking the housings (3.43) c/u of various precision machines for engine and other car parts (5.10) gvs of workers on the assembly line including brakes and construction of engines (6.31) gvs of car bodies bing fitted out with engines, brake, wheels, etc. (7.20) finished cars coming off the assembly line (7.34) c/u of the car being tested (7.43) HRH Duke of Edinburgh arriving at Linwood for the official opening (8.10) gvs of the Duke touring the plant. A plaque is unveiled (8.34) Duke of Edinburgh drives off in a Hillman Imp (8.41) shots of car transporters leaving Linwood (8.53) shots of Hillman Imp driving through countryside (10.00) man and woman leave car and walk along a sandy beach (10.51) ecs (11.11)