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  • Glasgow


  • Healthcare
  • Sporting activities


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  • COCOZZA, Enrico


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 1166

Date: 1960

Director: [filmed by Enrico Cocozza]

Sponsor: [ Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.42 mins

Description: Scottish footballing stars of 1960 demonstrate their skills, including Alex Scott from Rangers FC and Bertie Peacock from Celtic FC, at Cathkin Park in Glasgow.

Sponsored by Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, whose Rocky Mount cigarettes are shown in film.

Credits: TIC [Tongue in Cheek Productions]

Shotlist: ocs (0.15) The cream of Scottish football stars get together at Cathkin Park, Glasgow, and we take you behind the scenes while they demonstrate- 'How to Play Football' (0.30) George Herd (Clyde FC), Scottish international forward, Alex Scott (Rangers FC), Scottish international forward, Bertie Peacock (Celtic FC) Irish international half back), David Hilley (Third Lanark FC), Scottish international forward, Bill Toner (Kilmarnock FC) Scottish international centre half, Joe Baker (Hibernian FC), English international centre forward, Harry Haddock (Clyde FC) Scottish international full back, Willie Cunningham (Third Lanark FC), Jocky Robertson (Third Lanark FC) (0.55) shots of the players standing in a line; players talking [slow motion] (2.14) the players demonstrate different footballing skills (8.26) the goalie, Jocky Robertson, stops to have a Rocky Mount cigarette (8.51) the play continues (11.44) shots of the players standing about (12.24) We acknowledge with grateful thanks the assistance and co-operation received from the players who took part and from the directors, manager and groundstaff of Third Lanark FC in the production of this film. ecs (12.44)

[Some of the football demonstrations use slow motion photography]