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  • Renfrewshire


  • Celebrations, traditions and customs
  • Ceremonies
  • Transport


  • Amateur


  • JAY, Ronald L.


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 0584

Date: 1933

Director: [filmed by Ronald L. Jay]

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17:45 mins

Description: Aerobatic displays, parachute jumps and presentation of mementos to pilots of 'Comper 2, Atalanta' in commemoration of their flight over Everest.

See also extract from "The Aeroplane", May 1933 (No. 19) and "Flight", May 1933. Donor's son believes that the autogyro seen at the Pageant was the same aircraft used in the feature film The 39 Steps - during the night search sequence. Made as personal film.
ref. 3671

Shotlist: [Please note shotlisted from VHS copy, timings converted from 25 fps to 18fps]

No credits. [Scottish Flying Club Pageant Renfrew]. General shots of planes on the ground, taking off and in the air (2.19); Comper 2, Atlanta. Plane on the ground (2.41); blank (2.47); Formations of nine planes in the air; smaller groups (3.59); A pilot climbs out of the cockpit. Shots of crowds. Presentation of mementos to pilots David McIntyre and Marquess of Clydesdale by Sir Eric Yarrow, in commemoration of their recent flight over Everest. The Marquis of Clydesdale addresses the gathering (5.19); Aerobatic display (5.38); three aircraft looping the loop in formation; c/u planes overhead (6.48); Plane takes off. Parachute jump (7.29); Autogiro (8.09); Shots of a plane, Domini, various other planes, autogiro taking off, a plane landing, and the autogiro again (9.54); Imperial Airways plane, Helena G-AAKF, lands. Shots of plane G-ABPI. Shot of Imperial Airways plane, Arethusa G-ACBT, taking off. A glider flies very close to the ground (13.56); Bi-plane in the air. Clown's turn. He gets into plane G-ABZT. Shots of autogiro and comedy act (16.11); Formation flying. A man walks on the wings of an AVRO. Shots of Autogiro. Parachutist landing (17.45)