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  • Argyllshire
  • Highlands, the
  • Outer Hebrides


  • Arts and crafts
  • Birds
  • Celts and celtic culture
  • Fish and fishing
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Ships and shipping
  • Tourism and travel
  • Transport


  • Documentary
  • Amateur


  • JAY, Ronald L.


  • 1920s

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Title: CRUISE TO st. kilda AND THE WEstERN ISLES, a

Reference number: 0431

Date: 1929c

Production company: Jay's Screen Service

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.00 mins

Description: Record of a voyage from Glasgow to st. kilda by way of the Western Isles.

Several sections duplicate those used in st kilda, BRITAIN’S LONELIEst ISLE - (0.08) - (0.24), (0.26) - (0.52), (17.16) - (18.13), (19.20) - (20.14)

Shotlist: Credits (.08); loading the "SS Hebrides" at the Broomielaw (.24); Glasgow. The cargo aboard, we sail "doon the watter". Shots on deck as steamer pulls away from quay (.52); Our worthy skipper. The captain at the wheel (1.13); passengers (1.30); st. Columba's sacred isle, Iona. Shots from sea, boats on shore, the abbey and jetty (2.11); profile of the paddle steamer "SS Dunara Castle" at pier. Iona abbey and grounds (2.32); Interior of the cathedral. Shots inside and in grounds (2.53); The Iona Cross. A fine example of early Celtic art. Shots of the Iona Cross. Maclean cross. Shots of same and of village (3.27); Mull Bunessan. steamer at quayside, sheep being herded on board. Shots of village and bay (3.47); Over the sea to Skye. Carbost and its liquid treasure. "Dunara Castle" at jetty. Shots of castle from grounds and view from ramparts (4.43); shots of steamer and scenery (4.54); The Cuillins from Elgol. ls mountains (5.25); Near here is Prince Charlie's cave. Shot from water of caves and rock face (6.20); The storr - a rock climber's paradise. gv's (7.30); The monument to Flora Macdonald (7.48); Barra, Castlebay. A busy fishing centre. Shots of castle and village. Fishing boats at jetty beside the "Dunara Castle". Two steam drifters. Village and bar (8.38); Uist. How one gets aboard at Loch Eport. The passengers are ferried out to steamer by small boats (9.18); Uist. Lochboisdale. Village and bay (9.41); children and hens outside blackhouse (9.42); Harris. Scalpay. Another fishing port. Shots of harbour, steamer at quayside. Pan round fishing boats and steam drifters. Village (10.12); Women gutting fish (10.42); Scalpay. the village "belles". Fisherwomen grouped together (11.02); Tarbet. Where one gets bargains in tweed. Passengers ashore, main street in village, people examining bales of tweed (11.51); And also cheap fish (if you speak Gaelic). Women gutting fish (12.27); So do the seagulls. Shots of gulls wheeling and diving and perched on the rail of the "Dunara Castle" (13.10); Lewis. Leverburgh, over £1,000,000 in plant and buildings lies going to ruin here. Shots of village, buildings and bay (13.56); women gutting fish and barrels being loaded onto steamer (14.19); "Dunara Castle" pulling out of the bay. Shot of sailing ship lying grounded on the rocks (14.26); And now for the stormy Atlantic. Shots on deck (14.48); st. kilda's lone sentinel. Two shots of stac Lee before and after caption (14.53); The post-master and his son were returning to their native isle. Two men on deck (15.13); Our first glimpse of lone st. kilda. View of Boreray taken from the summit of Conachair, shots from approaching vessel of Levenish at entrance to Village Bay. Shots of Dun under cloud. View of Oiseval, panning to Dun. The cave or tunel through Dun. Rock stratification on Oiseval. Shots of the village, panning left from Oiseval to Ruaival. Village houses. School and kirk. The "Dun Gap" (16.01); st. kilda. Not very enticing. Shots of village street . Dun from village. Dun with boat in bay, "Dunara Castle" (16.53); Landing. Islanders row out and ferry passengers ashore (17.16); The women do most of the hard work. Woman carrying large sack on her back (17.26); Main street. gv's same, shot of walled enclosures at An Lag (17.41); The staple industry. c/u Anne Gillies at her spinning wheel outside her cottage. Finlay Gillies leading a cow, woman milking a cow (18.13); gv's passengers grouped by "the gun" overlooking village bay [very poor light, dark. Filmed at half speed to increase exposure values] (18.50); Mothers and infants. gv's same. Grannie (the oldest inhabitant). Shots of Mrs. Margaret Macdonald and an elderly man. Shot of post office and woman posting a letter (19.27); A seafowl catching expedition. The party climb past the An Lag enclosures and men go over the cliff at "The Gap". ls panning down cliff to men below. Fowlers are held on ropes by men above (20.05); Seafowl was the st. kildans winter food supply. Brief shot of three men, one throws a dead fulmar to another (20.14); Good-bye st. kilda. pan past strip cultivation plots below houses, showing the dividing walls. Pan across bay with vessel in bay. Foot of cliffs, Conachair. Two shots of stac Lee filmed from heaving boat (20.57); ecs (20.59)