The production of bread at James Gilchrist and Sons Limited, Ayr. This clips shows bread being created from water, yeast and salt, the addition of flour and stirring until the sponge is formed. (clip - full length available onsite)

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Reference number: 0428

Date: 1931

Sponsor: [ James Gilchrist and Sons Limited]

Production company: Jay's Screen Service

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20 mins

Description: Illustrates the industrial production and distribution of Gilchrist's bread and cakes in 1931, and also includes footage of the company's picnic.

16mm dupe made from surviving positive 1983. Original negative never discovered. Made for advertising purposes. This assembly a mixture of rushes and the final film.

See also ref. 0429 for Introduction. Only surviving footage on 16mm. See Paper Archive series 4/22.

Credits: [Made for James Gilchrist Ltd Ayr, now part of RHM Bakeries group]

Shotlist: REEL I

Credits Auld Ayr wham ne'r a toon surpasses,/ For Gilchrists Bread that suits all classes. With apologies to the Bard (0.14); Flour arriving at the bakery. Lorry is unloaded in the delivery area. Blending and sifting plant, different brands of flour are mixed together. The flour is conveyed to weighing machine. Shots of same. Water, yeast and salt are added. Shots of same. Stirring the ingredients until the sponge is formed. The sponge is allowed to ferment for over an hour (3.27); Further quantities of flour and water now added for the doughing process. After the addition of more water it is kneaded into a dough This machine is capable of kneading enough dough for 500 loaves every ten minutes. gvs same. (5.09); After dough is fermented it is taken to the Automatic Plant. This machine weighs, proves and moulds loaves at the rate of 2,500 per hour. Weighing Shots of machine making loaves, conveyers loading batches into pans. To prevent skin forming on loaves they are changed from pan to pan during progress through machine Moulding. Shots of moulding by hand and machine (7.50); Loaves are loaded onto bogies and taken to ovens "L.O.B." is stamped onto loaves before baking. Each oven holds 500 loaves. Bread is baked for two hours. Shots of loaves being taken out after baking. Spraying to give a glossy top (10.40); This machine wraps 2,500 loaves per hour gvs same. Loaves are loaded into a van (12.00); All wise grocers sell Gilchrist's bread. Van arrives at a grocer's shop, the bread is unloaded, ............."Be sure and ask for 'Gilchrists'" a small girl enters the shop and buys a Land o' Burns loaf (12.46); This film will be shown again in two minutes time (12.56)


No credits. Girl lays out oatcakes on a hotplate, while another rolls out the dough to cuts them out. The first packs them into tartan boxes (1.07); Shots of a confectioner at work decorating cakes and wedding cakes (2.05); Baker kneads dough and puts it through roll cutting machine (3.18); Girls pack assorted cakes into boxes (3.45); LOB picnic, three-legged race, wheelbarrow race. Shots outside the Royal Oak Hotel, two buses of the "AYR & DISTRICT MOTOR SERVICES LTD" pull up and the company run off (4.48); ints hotel, man and woman seated in the tearoom, eating cakes (5.14); Girls pack a selection of cakes (5.40); Shots of children on beach. Manager in his office, man showing fibres in a floury tray, pan along flour sacks "Polar Star" "Six seals" "Kings Own" (6.03); Shots of men icing a wedding cake The End(6.58)