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  • Perth and Perthshire


  • Sponsored


  • COOPER, Henry
  • HARPER, Alan James
  • Campbell Harper Productions


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 0107

Date: 1943

Sponsor: Ministry of Information

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.00 mins

Description: The town of Aberfeldy during wartime when the women provided a 'home' for Dominion troops on leave.

Nitrate positive found in Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy, in the 1980s. Originally gifted to the citizens of Aberfeldy.

See Additional Information file.

Credits: ph. Henry Cooper
p. Alan Harper
comm. James Mackechnie, Colin Willis, E.P. Weeks, Tawera Hulbert

Shotlist: [Shotlisted at different speed. Actual timing is 9.00 mins @ 24fps]

Credits. Views of wartime Aberfeldy, a town of young and old, and empty of its men. A British Legion scheme is adopted by the women of Aberfeldy to provide home leave for the Dominion troops in Britain. Guests arrive and spend a week in the town, touring around, dancing, golfing, fishing, etc. (8.30)