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  • Glasgow


  • Transport


  • Educational


  • MacLEAN, William J. ‘Mac’
  • RUSSELL, Stanley Livingstone
  • Campbell Harper Productions
  • Glasgow Corporation


  • Glasgow civics


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 0057

Date: 1949

Director: [d. Willie J. McLean]

Sponsor: Glasgow Corporation Education Committee

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.11 mins

Description: The story of Glasgow Municipal Transport System from hansom cabs to trams and buses. One of the Glasgow Civics Series of educational films.

Book of the same name accompanies the series.

Shotlist: [shot-listed from avi file using Quicktime]

Glasgow coat-of-arms - CORPORATION OF GLASGOW The Education Committee presents - title - The story of Glasgow's municipal transport system begins over fifty years ago. - archive footage of busy street with horse drawn vehicles - 1894 still images of Glasgow horse-drawn tram, 1902 electric tramcar, 1904 tramcar, 1924 single deck bus, 1925 St. Enoch station building (0.59) shots of Glasgow Underground train entering station and departing - shots of passengers crowding on to tram and bus in city centre - tracking shot from car going up Buchanan Street from St. Enoch Square (1.39) The Corporation's power station at Pinkston generates the electricity for driving both trams and Underground trains. - ext gv Pinkston with camouflage paint, man and boy enter gate, look up at chimney - int gvs Pinkston, shots of man and boy being shown round by official - gvs control room - man and boy depart (3.35) Trams are housed, cleaned and inspected at depots. - gvs inside Coplawhill tram depot, man and boy arrive for tour and watch mechanics at work, workmen cleaning trams inside and out - shot of tram arriving at depot, conductor steps off, enters and office and hands over cash to cashier at counter - cashier checks money as man and boy watch (6.00) Trams are not only repaired but also built at the Corporation's workshops at Coplawhill. - tracking crane shot of tram production line - gvs trams being repaired, parts being moved by crane. men working on axles and gears - man and boy inspect damaged tram, operate machinery, get into cab of repaired tram and climb to top deck of old tram (7.54) The garage is to the bus what the depot is to the tram. - shots of man and boy approaching Knightswood bus garage and meeting Superintendent - shots of drivers and conductors entering garage, inspector checking notebook as Albion Venturer B2 departs - shot of worker cleaning AEC Regent no.541 and women cleaning and hoovering inside - shots of driver helping boy into driver's seat and showing controls - Superintendent takes man and boy to see drive-through bus wash - shot from inside of bus in wash - man and boy say goodbye to Superintendent and depart on bus (10.32) At the Corporation's bus works at Larkfield all buses are overhauled at regular intervals. - man and boy meet manager in office - gvs shop floor at Larkfield, inspecting machinery and buses under construction, laughing at reflections in metal panel - tracking shot from Lister Autotruck - man and boy touring works - workers repairing AEC Regents no.726, 603, 738 - gvs carpenters at work, worker working on stairway, buses in shed - gvs painters at work and coat-of-arms transfer applied - shot of completed bus - Glasgow coat-of-arms - THE END - ecs (14.08)