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The Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 Collection at the National Library of Scotland is a unique and valuable resource that is growing larger each week.

For more information about the collection please see:

Being built up over the next few years, it is intended to be unbiased, representative and inclusive of the varied and often complex angles surrounding the Scottish independence debate. The referendum collection includes books, reports, serials, and ephemeral material such as flyers, leaflets, etc., as well as websites, moving image, sound and archival material.

Much of what we want to add to this collection is being deposited with us now, in the months succeeding the referendum in Scotland on 18 September 2014. We are continuing to actively collect this material for the next year and will be able to offer you access to more material as this is processed:

• Publications in print and digital format
• Moving images
• Sound
• Websites and social media streams
• Archives.

This is the page for accessing Referendum material in moving image format. As this is a developing collection, more material is being added to the collection all the time and it will be made available when possible to do so.

Just click on the titles to the right to explore moving image titles from the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 Collection.

Researcher: Amy Todman

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HIGHER EDUCATION TODAY: Scottish Independence Referendum Debate [8792]

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An episode of the University of the District of Columbia's magazine programme 'Higher Education Today', presented by Steven Roy Goodman. Features a debate about Scottish independence and its effect on academia between Dr Stephen Watson, University of Gla