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Educational film association

SEFA was formed in 1935 from a merger of the Scottish Educational Cinema Society (formed Dec 1933) and Scottish Educational Sight and Sound Association (formed spring 1933). SEFA’s objectives were to foster interest in and promote the use of the educational film and other visual aids in education.

Close collaboration was established with the Scottish Film Council in the furtherance of those aims, with joint publications on aspects of the film in teaching, children’s viewing habits, and use of the resources of the Scottish Central Film Library.

During the Second World War SEFA with Scottish Film Council ran mobile cinema shows in rural areas for evacuees, a scheme which was the forerunner of the post war Highlands and Islands Film Guild and the Rural Cinema Scheme. SEFA, in partnership with Scottish Film Council, engaged in the post war production of educational films as the Joint Production Committee (JPC).

The Committee became Educational Films of Scotland (EFS) in 1962. In 1976 SEFA changed its name to Scottish Educational Media Association (SEMA).

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