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Production company and documentary film-maker

Oscar Marzaroli, Allan and Martin Singleton formed Ogam Films in 1967. Marzaroli, of a Scottish Italian family entered the film industry in 1959 after a period of photojournalism in London and Stockholm. During the 1960s he gained experience as cameraman, editor and assistant director with Templar Films and IFA Scotland, often acting as production stills photographer.

Ogam produced over seventy documentary and sponsored films, for agencies such as Films of Scotland and Highlands and Islands Development Board. Dear Green Place (1978) combines Marzaroli’s stills and movie talents with observations on social and structural change in Glasgow through a series of photographs taken over a ten year period.

Ogam Films was dissolved in the early 1980s. Marzaroli returned to full-time stills photography. Martin Singleton remains one of Scotland’s most experienced freelance cameramen.

Researcher: Melissa Stewart