Biography of 'Green’s Film Service / Green’s Topical Productions'

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Exhibitor, production company and newsreel company

Green’s Film Service was established around the beginning of the First World War by George Green, showman/exhibitor in Glasgow, as an adjunct to his cinema owning business. As the number of cinemas in his circuit increased, Green’s volume of film hires was also increasing. He decided that a more cost-effective process was required, and he began to buy the reels outright. His selection of purchases were so successful with the public that he started to select and supply programmes to other showmen growing into what was to become the renting operation Greens Film Service.

By 1915 Green’s circuit consisted of 10 cinemas with Greens Film Service, having offices in Glasgow and London. By 1917 Greens had a thriving enterprise, renting comedies, serials and dramas, they also launched their own magazine ‘Greens Kinema Tatler’. They had a mechanical department selling projectors, their own printing division for programmes and publicity materials and a musical department.

Investing in Samson Films, and buying out their rival JJ Bennell’s producing plant the Greens acquired an interest in film production. They began producing local topicals for independent exhibitors and their own circuit of screens under the name ‘Green’s Topical Productions’. In October 1917 this topical production activity was further developed with the introduction of the first Scottish newsreel The Scottish Moving Picture News. In May 1919, the name was changed to British Moving Picture News suggesting an attempt to break in to a wider UK market. However the newsreel revered back to its original name in 1921 and by the end of 1922 newsreel making had ceased.

Green’s Topical Productions continued in business until about 1925.

Researcher: Joan Allan